we are accepting jewelry, purses & sizes Large-3X

*as we are full: if planning on dropping off anything not listed above, please call in advance to speak with an associate*

items we love:

purses jewelry designer linen sunglasses

how we consign:

1. drop-offs

drop-offs available between 11am-4pm Monday through Friday

*please call ahead to make an appointment for drop offs over 25 items*

clothes do not need to be hung or pressed prior to being brought in

we sort through & accept/return items on the spot

2. consignor balance & status

call or email store to check status of items & balance on account

we steam, price & put items out on the floor within a few weeks of intake

we keep items on the floor for 150 days

3. terms of consignor payout

after an item has sold: we split the sale with 40% to the consignor under $200,

50% to the consignor over $200 and 70% to the consignor over $1000

payouts are available any time during store hours in the form of store credit

& check, which can be mailed if consignor is out-of-state

4. returning & donating items

anything under $30 that doesn't sell within that time frame will be donated to a local charity

anything over $30 that doesn't sell within that time frame can be picked up by the consignor